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Tiffanie Widing
Tiffanie Widing
Director of Operations & Marketing

Tiffanie Widing is an accomplished consultant, honing in on Operational Business Strategizing and Marketing services for The Scott Group.

Over the last 17 years she has gained knowledge in many industries during an unconventional career. Her qualifications and background in private staffing and corporate management roles, combined with a bachelor’s degree, has provided her the opportunity to refine skills relevant to her role with The Scott Group.  She brings vast experience in start-ups, operational management, project & budget management, event planning, human resource management, payroll guidelines, recruiting, marketing and digital marketing management. Whether it is the day-to-day duties, projects, benefit fund-raising events or “putting out fires,” Tiffanie makes sure everything runs smoothly. She  exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. Both employees and employers alike seek out Tiffanie’s advice.

Tiffanie grew up in Northeast Ohio, graduating from Chagrin Falls High School. She then attended and graduated from Radford University in Virginia, and kept going south after graduation, living in Florida for many years. Eventually, she felt the call back to Ohio and her hometown, Chagrin Falls, where her family has lived for generations. Being the only girl with three brothers, she is a sports enthusiast by default, but also secretly loves them, maybe sometimes more than her brothers. She also loves living somewhere with all four seasons, and vows she will never leave again, except to pursue her love to travel. As an avid world traveler, she loves exploring both here in the states and “across the pond.”


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