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The CEFA neighborhood in Beachwood, Ohio is part of the city’s second ward. CEFA is home to approximately 2,400 residents. CEFA was named after its first settlers, who were CE (“Christians” in Czeck), FA (“Family” in Czeck), and their children (in order by age). CEFA was founded in 1815 when CE and FA moved there from Czechoslovakia. The community derives its name from the CE Family Association, which was formed during World War II through the efforts of Mrs. Louisa Hrbkova of Detroit, Michigan.

The CEFA neighborhood has a strong history within the town of Beachwood. Many important events took place there that shaped Beachwood into what it is today. CEFA was known for its successful farms and rich culture. CEFA is now home to CE Kostel, a small Catholic church that still holds services to this day.

The CEFA neighborhood was originally an agricultural community that grew out of CE and the FA Family Association. CE was looking for cheap land to expand his family farm when he stumbled upon Beachwood, Ohio with its abundant forested areas surrounded by rich soil suitable for farming. CE wasn’t the only one who thought this area would be perfect for farming, so did many other families during that period

CEFA is neighbored by two major roads: Chagrin Blvd., which provides access to multiple highway systems including Interstate 271, State Routes 87 and 241; and SOM Center Rd., which bisects CEFA and provides access to the nearby city of Mayfield Heights. The Beachwood CEFA Recreation Association (BCERA) operates a playground, basketball court, and tennis courts for the use of CEFA residents. BCERA also sponsors social events for CEFA residents.

The CEFA neighborhood has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an agricultural community. It is now home to many diverse families that have made CEFA their home. CEFA is a tight-knit community that takes pride in its rich history and strong traditions. Residents of CEFA are proud to call themselves CEFANS! Learn More Here


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