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Orange Village Park

Orange Village Park is the largest in the city of Beachwood. It covers over nine square miles and has several sites within the park itself. It is one of three “top” parks in Beachwood, all having different areas to accommodate different interests. The place is known for its large forest area filled with trails, lakes throughout with wildlife-filled forests, creeks with small waterfalls, and open meadows where horses roam throughout.

Orange Village has an orange theme to it due to its immense amount of orange trees that are all around the park. One can smell the sweet scent of oranges when walking through Orange Village’s trail system or even making their way to the Orange Village Lake. It is also home to the Beachwood Dog Park which is one of the most popular dog parks in all of Cuyahoga County. From its lake, visitors can enjoy a kayak or paddle boat ride during the warmer seasons. There are also areas for fishing, although it’s not as popular as some of the other activities that can be enjoyed at the park.

Orange Village Park hosts events year-round including Orange Jamboree, Orange Festival, Orange Grove Fall Festival to Orange Glo.

During the colder seasons, visitors can enjoy the Orange Fireplace Lounge located in Orange Grove which is one of Orange Village’s many meadows. There are designated areas where you can take in Orange Village’s beauty during winter months whether it be sledding down one of Orange Village’s hills or taking a brisk walk through Orange Grove Meadow. Orange Fireplace Lounge can also be rented out for private parties and small gatherings. The Barrow House Mansion which was built in 1875 along with all twenty-three buildings within Orange Village were placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior due to its historical significance. Orange Village was bought by the city of Beachwood in 1908 and dedicated to the place.

Orange Village Park is one of the most heavily utilized parks within Cuyahoga County with attendance records being around 500,000 visitors in some years. It is also a home that houses several species of fish including bluegill, catfish, carp, crappie, bass, and northern pike. Orange Lake gives residents throughout the area a chance to enjoy fishing year-round without having to travel far from their homes. Learn More Here

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